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Vault Captive

Transform Your Health Benefits Strategy:
How Captive Insurance Can Benefit Your Business

// Why Vault Captive

Vault Captive assists companies in forming their own insurance entity for self-coverage, bypassing traditional options often due to cost or suitability issues. It provides control over insurance expenses, personalized coverage, and potential financial gains if claims are lower than anticipated.

While less common in health insurance, companies with similar health risk profiles may opt for captives. This collective approach allows for better plan customization, cost reduction through risk sharing, and tailored benefits to meet the group's specific needs. Overall, Vault Captive empowers companies to manage their insurance risks effectively while optimizing coverage and costs.


Captive Manager in the state of North Carolina.


Building captives for over 30 years.


Actively and successfully managing Stop Loss captives.


Reinsurance contracts with A-rated carriers.


Experienced working with departments of insurance.

// Benefits of Vault Captive

Cost Control

Yields Savings

Surplus yields savings, dividends, controls costs, and stabilizes premiums effectively.

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Employee Benefits

Tailored coverage enhances satisfaction, meets employee needs, and boosts retention.


Improved Loss


Members manage risk, prioritize wellness, reduce claims, and boost productivity.

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Captive insurance provides stability, predictability in managing health risks.


Control and Transparency

Captive membership grants visibility, control,  and informed decision-making through data access.

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Captive insurance offers tax advantages, enhancing financial benefits.



Group captives diversify risk, pool resources, and benefit smaller organizations.


Tailored Provider Networks

Customized networks offer better care access, and potential cost savings.

// Considering an Insurance Captive?

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. What are my specific risk management needs?

  2. Are my insurance premiums consistently high or increasing?

  3. Do I have the financial capacity to establish and maintain an insurance captive?

  4. How knowledgeable am I about the insurance industry and the functioning of captives?

  5. Am I comfortable taking on a greater level of risk and responsibility for managing insurance?

  6. Can I commit the necessary time and resources to oversee an insurance captive effectively?

  7. Are there specific risks or exposures unique to my industry?

  8. Do I have a strong risk management program and loss control measures in place?

  9. Are there potential tax advantages or cost-saving opportunities that an insurance captive can provide?

  10. Am I willing to collaborate with other businesses in a group captive, or do I prefer a single-parent captive?


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