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We expanded our services, technology, and established a proprietary risk management arm. With offices in over ten cities across the United States, we now have the ability to service all 50 states.

Vault Strategies integrates various companies under one banner to offer customized insurance solutions. This came with the ability to cut out middlemen, customize plans to fit individual companies, and save our clients millions of dollars. 

The Affordable Care Act dramatically changes the healthcare landscape, prompting the need for adaptation within the company. Precise Benefits Group is established as the first healthcare-related company under the Vault Strategies umbrella.

Insight Benefits Group is developed, specializing in welfare benefit plans and captive insurance companies. Insight Benefits Group still operates today and affords further autonomy in the custom insurance solutions that we're able to offer our clients.

Jensen Tax expands to Jensen Financial, adding insurance, investments, and financial planning services. With a spirit of entrepreneurship and the determination to succeed, the founders began exploring better ways to serve their clients. 

Vault Strategies has humble beginnings. Jensen Tax was founded in Bloomington, Illinois in 1992, forging a path in business ownership that has led to the international organization that is Vault Strategies today.


Vault Admin Services, our TPA is formed. Vault's ecosystem offers a full-service approach for clients to save plan dollars, and for members to obtain seamless healthcare delivery. Our method eliminates the traditional healthcare insurance model and offers cost-effective, employee benefit programs that work in the best interest of all those insured. Vault Cares Network is founded. 

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