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Benefit Consultants

Tailored Coverage, Trusted Partnerships

// The Vault Strategies Ecosystem
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We provide healthcare and employment solutions within the Vault Strategies ecosystem. Our ability to assume risk, underwrite policies, create insurance products, and provide TPA services under one roof gives us a clear advantage.


For consultants and employers, tapping into our integrated platform allows for plan flexibility. From innovative benefit plan designs to tailored risk solutions, we have a solution for your client.

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// Innovate. Collaborate. Captivate.

Healthcare Strategies for Benefit Consultants

Vault Strategies is dedicated to empowering benefit consultants with the resources they need to tailor the perfect health plan for their clients. Our comprehensive suite of sales and marketing materials equips consultants to present tailored options effectively. With meticulously designed plan offerings and a robust range of benefit solutions, here are just some of the many reasons to partner with us!

Customize coverage for each client. Our captive ensures precise protection for all risk profiles.

Tailored Solutions

Risk Management Expertise

Our experts help consultants identify, assess, and manage risks for optimal insurance outcomes.

Competitive pricing and risk management expertise empowers consultants to deliver value and savings to clients.

Cost-Effective Coverage

Partner with a stable and secure captive. Our financial strength offers peace of mind to consultants and clients.

Financial Stability


Strategic Partnerships

Forge stronger client relationships and address your clients' evolving needs to deliver long-term value.

Adapt to market changes and regulations, enabling consultants to offer innovative insurance solutions.

Flexibility and Agility

Stand out in a competitive market. Differentiate your brokerage and deliver exceptional value to your clients.

Innovation and Differentiation

Navigate regulatory complexities and ensure adherence to all regulatory standards and licensing requirements.

Compliance Support



"Working with Vault has been a game-changer for my clients. Their comprehensive healthcare solutions not only provide excellent coverage but also offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness. I highly recommend Vault to any broker looking to provide top-tier healthcare options to their clients."

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