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Stop Loss and

Keep Your Healthcare Budget Intact:
Harness the Power of Vault's Stop Loss Strategies

Risk Management

// What Sets Us Apart

Vault Risk Management Solutions offers unparalleled stop loss and risk management, providing comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. With extensive market research and underwriting capabilities, we lead in developing and modifying products efficiently.

Underwriting Flexibility

Using questionnaires at individual and group levels improves product targeting for specific market segments, ideal for tailored fixed-rate, guaranteed-issue products in niche markets.

Risk Sharing Capabilities

Our distinctive ability to shape aggregate claim estimates sets us apart. Partnering with us opens significant revenue opportunities through our unique risk-sharing model for qualified placement partners.

Product Flexibility

We offer diverse stop loss products for all customer types, with precise budget guidance and a proven record of low trend rates over time.

Expansive Vendor Partner/Market Contacts/Market Knowledge

With 15+ years of experience, we offer unparalleled expertise in collaborating with diverse companies. Our extensive pricing database and skilled team ensure precise product pricing and flexible customization.

Competitive/Innovative Partner Compensation Arrangements

Customizable commission structures cater to distribution partner needs. Explore our Risk Sharing Capabilities for valuable options to enhance value and mitigate risk.


"Choosing the right stop loss partner is not just a decision; it's an investment in financial security and they key to peace of mind."

// Managing Risk
Stop Loss (2)_edited.png


  • Age/Gender

  • Industry

  • Location

Plan Designs

  • Richer medical/Rx plan designs

  • Stop Loss terms (specific deductible, contract basis, provisions)

  • Full RBP, RBP with Provider Network, Provider contracts


  • Employee to member ratio

  • Participation (at least 75%, unless reason for waivers noted in census)

  • Plan utilization

Claims Experience

  • Ongoing, large claimants

  • Past medical/Rx claims trend, or prior fully insured renewals

  • Stop Loss reimbursements

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