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For Employers

Empower Your Workforce:
Tailored Healthcare Solutions for Your Business

// The Vault Healthcare Ecosystem

Streamline Your Business and Lower Costs

At Vault Strategies, we specialize in healthcare insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes, nationwide. Our unique Vault Healthcare Ecosystem integrates risk assumption, policy underwriting, and TPA services, streamlining processes and ensuring competitive rates.


Let us customize a solution to fit your business perfectly.

// Vault's Impact on Your Business

Employee Well-Being

Healthy employees are happy employees. Make sure they stay well, while saving the plan money.


Talent Retention & Attraction

Top talent seeks comprehensive healthcare benefits, enhancing recruitment and retention.


Cost Management

Optimize healthcare costs with strategic management and preventive measures.


Employee Satisfaction

High-quality healthcare boosts satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.


Legal Compliance

Legal compliance is crucial. With required healthcare benefits, you maintain a solid reputation.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee healthcare investment shows corporate responsibility, strengthens community, attracts stakeholders.

// The Best Tools for Your Members

Enhancing the Member Experience to Lower Plan Costs

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Care Navigation


Member Portal

Vault Mobile App

Monthly Education

1. Help When You Need it Most.png
2. Unlock the Full Potential of Your Health Plan.png
3. Your Access to Virtual Healthcare for the Whole Family.png
4. Hassle-Free Healthcare Navigation.png

Monthly email reminders showcasing available tools and tips to save on healthcare costs during their journey.

The ultimate companion in unlocking the full potential of your health plan. Centralized benefits access, integrated guidance, and rewards.

Allows members to submit claims, track progress, communicate with customer support, order ID cards, and verify allowables.

Telehealth done better, faster, easier. Access to board certified, licensed medical professionals via an easy-to-use app.

App Image Phone.png

Guides healthcare choices, optimizes pathways for better outcomes, ensures seamless patient-provider coordination.


From visiting a quality, cost-effective provider...

... to giving members and employers proactive tools to manage claims, costs, and more!

Ready to schedule your free consultation? Simply click the button to get started!

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